2022 Trends for Warm Hair Colors

by Colleen Welsch on February 8th, 2022

In 2022, we are adding warmth back to our tresses. This year, we will see warm hair colors take the stage as the dominant hair coloring trend.

In previous years, it was trendy to add cool tones and cool colors to your hair. Back in 2016, ashy blonde hair and icy blue tones were all the rage. Remember when celebs were rocking silver and ice blonde colors? Well, ice is out, and heat and warmth are officially back.

Here are five warm 2022 hair color trends we will be seeing everywhere.

2022 Warm Hair Color Trends

1. Copper Hair

copper red hair

Copper red hair will be a trending warm hair color this year.

Copper hair color is a blend of red, orange, and bronze that creates a fiery shade. It is bright and eye-catching in sunlight, making it a great statement color. This shade has become very popular the past year and now it’s time to give it a try.

Add this shade to blonde hair to highlight the golden hue, or add it to brunette hair for a bright pop of color.

2. Warm Blonde Hair

warm blonde hair

Icy blonde is out and warm blonde is in. As we move through winter 2022 and begin dreaming of warm sunny days at the beach again, this is a perfect shade to go for.

Adding warmth to blonde hair is an easy process. You can choose to go strawberry blonde and add some reddish tones. Or, try adding in some honey to warm the shade you already have.

What is great about warm blonde hair is it typically looks good on a broad range of skin tones.

3. Expensive Brunette

warm brown hair color

We saw the “Expensive Brunette” style appear at the end of 2021, and we believe it is here to stay. This is an excellent warm brown hair color for those with dark blonde or light brown hair to try.

This hair color trend involves dimension and depth. When processed properly, there should be a range of light and dark shades in your hair. Adding warm tones rather than cool tones will keep your hair looking expensive and effortless.

When done correctly, you should be left with warm brown hair and warm blonde hair mixed together.

​​4. Deep Auburn Hair

2022 hair color trends

If warm hair colors are part of a family, deep auburn is the older cousin of the shade copper. It is a warm color, resembling fire with eye-catching brightness in sunlight. But different from copper, auburn is a deeper shade of red with hints of warm brown and less orange.

This is a great warm hair color that is complementary for those with deeper skin tones. If you have blue or green eyes, this shade will be a particularly excellent choice. It’s also a great winter color, as it’s deep and dramatic and shines in the wintry sun.

5. Cinnamon Hair

warm hair colors

Again in the warm hair color family, cinnamon hair is similar to copper but doesn’t have as many orange tones.

When you go to your colorist for this hair color, be specific and bring plenty of photos. While this color is beautiful and understated, it can be tricky to achieve the exact tone, so give your colorist as many examples as possible.

This is an easy warm hair color to create if you already have brown hair. You can just add some warm, bright, and reddish highlights.

No matter which warm hair color trend you try this year, having healthy hair is the best way to ensure your new hair color lasts long. Viviscal Hair Growth† Supplements nourish thinning hair and can help promote hair growth, giving you the appearance of thick and healthy hair.

What warm hair color trends are you looking to try in 2022? Let us know in the comments below!

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